Do you find you just haven’t got enough hours in the day to get around to those important tasks that could really make a difference? You seem to spend all your time on the urgent priorities, the day-to-day, and you just don’t have the capacity to look at where you are going or how you might do things differently…

My thinking behind A Bigger Bucket is to provide you with a bit of extra capacity when you need it most. If you feel like you have no support as a sole-trader or freelance, or even as a leader of a small organisation it could be about having somebody to bounce ideas off, check or write copy or take a look at that budget for you.

It might be that you or your organisation could really do with somebody to do a bit of research, come up with some project ideas, write a strategy or policy, or perhaps evaluate something you’ve been doing?

The other challenge I’m sure you face too, is occasional things like putting on events, where your capacity is stretched to the limit and you could really do with someone who knows what they are doing. Well, with over 30 years experience of putting on almost any event you can think of I might just be that person too…

My time is available to you in blocks of 90 minutes, so how can I help? Get in touch

Not enough hours in the day?
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